Expent’s Risk AI can help you accurately assess vendor risk, 80% quicker

Identify the right risks in no time. Find out how.

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Assessment time reduced by 85%
70% savings in cost
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Is your current vendor risk assessment process something like this?
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Is your current vendor risk assessment process something like this?
a diagram of a family tree with two men and a woman

You clearly needa better solution

What if you could harness the power of automation
Pre determine risk parameters
Ultra relevant smart questionnaires you can send in a few clicks
Automated scoring of vendor responses
Automatically send minimal, laser focused follow up questions
Have a single dashboard to monitor the whole process and track every risk
and, do it all with
AI powered automation
Have a state of the art AI analyse security reports in a few seconds and give you summaries

This is exactly what
Expent Vendor Risk Assessment can do for you

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in time taken to complete an assessment.

by utilizing existing documentation, our NLP interprets & eliminates the need for follow up questions
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by doing a defensible job of evaluating third-party risk

by eliminating manual review
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Smart automation

ensures that you assess the security posture of all your vendors, all the time

by removing human error in review process, ensuring security

Without Expent

Turn on the magic of AI
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Doesn’t integrate, or send alerts and are hard to collaborate on


Endless, painstaking questionnaires


Hard to keep a  track of multiple documents and their versions

Chat groups

Multiple chats with multiple groups

Email threads

Tedious to keep a log of multiple email threads and replies


Smart Questionnaires

Expent recommends the right questions to ask your vendor in an objective sequence relevant to them, saving both sides time and effort.

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Risk Register

A single dashboard to track everything you need to know about a vendor, with risk levels, likelihood scores and impact scores, and re-assessment dates.

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Risk AI

Fully automated analysis of vendor security reports and compliance certificates to assess their security posture in no time.

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